[Mono-osx] Mac port of a .NET game

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Nov 5 16:00:59 EST 2007

> 2. What would be the average footprint on the executable file size
> after the "macpack" run?

Geoff already answered this question;   The issue that you have to face
is that you will need to bundle Mono with your application.

The minimum I believe is something like 7.5 (see what Unity-generated
games produce on the Mac).

> 3. Provided an application has ran smoothly on Mono Windows version
> (using OpenGL), do you know if there are any serious known
> incompatibilities or inconsistencies when running on Mac version? 

Not at all.   You will still need to test it, and make sure that your
application works fine (you might have used Win32 APIs, or you might run
into bugs in Mono that you have to work around).

> 4. Testing on Mono Linux version would be more reliable than the
> Windows version when it comes to port applications to Mac?

Either one works.   But if you port it to Linux, we would be very
grateful, and we would go out of our way to help you as you are helping
us bring more apps to Linux ;-)

> I'd like to thank you in advance for this information, and also ask:
> where could I find some Mac players willing to Beta-test the Mac
> version, if Mono can really help us on this port? 

This list.

And yes, Mono can get your game over.

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