[Mono-osx] Mac port of a .NET game

Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Mon Nov 5 15:12:23 EST 2007


> I've just signed into this list because we are planning a Mac port of
> our game made on .NET Framework. We have found Mono as a promising
> alternative to speed the port, avoiding a complete port of the C# code
> for C++ and then to another framework/engine. We really want to make
> such a port. 

Sounds great.

> 1. I found some information about the "macpack" application. Does it
> work like mkbundle for Linux, I mean, does it generates an executable
> file that runs without the Mono Framework, so I can distribute it
> stand-alone? Or does it just works like a Finder-friendly application,
> but still requires Mono? 

macpack is simply an application to bundle your application into a
macintosh application bundle so it plays well with finder.  Nothing more
nothing less.  It adds about 500bytes to your distribution overhead.

> 2. What would be the average footprint on the executable file size
> after the "macpack" run?

See above.

> 3. Provided an application has ran smoothly on Mono Windows version
> (using OpenGL), do you know if there are any serious known
> incompatibilities or inconsistencies when running on Mac version? 

This really depends.  I assume you're using the DirectX libraries on
windows which we dont support at all.  It would be very dependent on
your specific applicaiton.

> 4. Testing on Mono Linux version would be more reliable than the
> Windows version when it comes to port applications to Mac?

I would strongly suggest testing on the mac if you're planning on
deploying on the mac.  There are many differences between Macs and Linux
specifically when it comes to graphical programs.

> I'd like to thank you in advance for this information, and also ask:
> where could I find some Mac players willing to Beta-test the Mac
> version, if Mono can really help us on this port? 

I would :)


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