[Mono-osx] Xcode and Dumbarton, The Saga Continues

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at bleepconsulting.com
Tue Jan 2 01:22:48 EST 2007

On Jan 1, 2007, at 6:04 PM, Andreas Färber wrote:

> I believe I mentioned the Mono part in one of my posts on Mono  
> list, for Dumbarton I don't know.
> In addition to the Headers folder you need to include the Headers/ 
> glib-2.0 folder and the Libraries/glib-2.0/include folder.
> It would be nice if this could be simplified...

Aha! That solved the issue nicely, a bit weird IMHO. Maybe we should  
start writing this stuff down and put it on a Dumbarton page? (http:// 

Just a thought ;)

> P.S. I've used Xcode for more than 27 minutes and the only crashes  
> I observed were caused by my own experiments with plugins. Try  
> removing any non-standard plugins and check whether you are using  
> the latest Xcode v2.4.1. An alternative to 10 targets within a  
> single project might be different projects with interdependencies.

That's another option, but in doing so I'd lose the main point of  
using NAnt to begin with....it's designed for C# ;) Xcode starts to  
get "weird" once you start to manage complex build configurations,  
etc (my project being a good example thereof)

No plugins, Xcode 2.4.1, just having a minor agreement with Xcode,  
and as usual, Xcode won ;)


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