[Mono-osx] Xcode and Dumbarton, The Saga Continues

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Mon Jan 1 19:04:54 EST 2007


Am 02.01.2007 um 00:35 schrieb R. Tyler Ballance:

> I've a fairly complex Xcode project already, ~10 targets (mostly  
> NAnt targets) and a few different configurations. I've recently  
> added Mono.framework and Dumbarton.framework to the project, and  
> linked them with the NSApplication target (default target) and i'm  
> trying to start bringing some of my Cocoa and Dumbarton code  
> together, but the god forsaken Xcode project absolutely refuses to  
> find the appropriate headers.

> If I "force" the Xcode project to see the Mono.framework Headers/  
> directory (i.e. add /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Headers to  
> the Header Search Path) I get an obscenely larger amount of errors:

> is there some sort of magic I'm missing? My project settings are  
> really no different than the Dumbarton examples', but for some  
> damned reason this doesn't work >_<

I believe I mentioned the Mono part in one of my posts on Mono list,  
for Dumbarton I don't know.
In addition to the Headers folder you need to include the Headers/ 
glib-2.0 folder and the Libraries/glib-2.0/include folder.

It would be nice if this could be simplified...

Happy new year,


P.S. I've used Xcode for more than 27 minutes and the only crashes I  
observed were caused by my own experiments with plugins. Try removing  
any non-standard plugins and check whether you are using the latest  
Xcode v2.4.1. An alternative to 10 targets within a single project  
might be different projects with interdependencies.

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