[Mono-osx] ASP.NET projects in CSharpPlugin

David_Hudson at capgroup.com David_Hudson at capgroup.com
Tue Feb 20 11:24:25 EST 2007

Actually, there is already an installer file in SVN. We have not yet
released a compiled installer yet though. Should I start google
group/sourceforge project to host the files? ASP.NET sounds very
interesting. I have not worked very much with it in the past, but I would
be more than happy to add any patches to SVN.


> [Mono-osx] ASP.NET projects in CSharpPlugin
> Hi!
> I've been playing around with Susan Mackay's CSharp Plugin for xcode,
> and am really impressed!!  I've been able to play around with some
> cocoa# projects to see what it's all about (although I'm sad to find
> all GUI has to be in a .NIB for it to work).
> What I'm REALLY interested to see though, is the ability to work on
> ASP.NET projects within xcode.  I'm currently using x-develop (great
> IDE, but the developers seem to have dropped off the face of the
> planet), and am looking for a good alternative!
> I'm very new to the Mac world, so not too familiar with how things
> work.  Is there anyone else interested in this or can point me in the
> right direction with the plugin?  I'd also be interested in
> developing an installer for the plugin, that is, depending on how
> much time it will take.. (;
> Thanks!!
> Curtis.

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