[Mono-osx] When will Immendio's GTK+ start being distributed with Mono for OS X?

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 10:53:13 EST 2007

On Dec 3, 2007 7:23 AM, Geoff Norton <gnorton at novell.com> wrote:
> All,
>    I'm planning on writing up a dump of OSX related summit notes to
> this list in the next day or two, but I'll answer our current thoughts
> on this one now as its sure to come up repeatedly.

Fantastic, looking forward to reading it.

> That being said, we probably will not ship Gtk+ with 1.2.6, but in the
> following weeks.  In other words we're hopefully a matter of weeks
> away, not months.

Awesome awesome news!


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