[Mono-osx] PIAs (for lack of a better term)

josh at 6bit.com josh at 6bit.com
Mon Aug 27 14:01:24 EDT 2007

Hello everyone, I recently moved to the mac platform and I would like to implement some missing functionality in mono for this platform.  

I do a lot of embedded development so serialports are important to me.  I have begun implementing SerialPort enumeration using IOKit.  I have been able to do some initial P/Invoke work but have become stuck.

My question is whether anyone has done any wrapping of any of the CoreFoundation functionality like  CFString or CFDictionary, or any IOKit functionality.

If not that is fine as I have started working on some, but in that event I wll  need to post again to get some help P/Invoking some of the calls.

Thank you,
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