[Mono-osx] Debugger status (again)

Bill Nalen bill at nalens.com
Sat Aug 25 03:16:13 EDT 2007

Hi, I'm checking out the mdb debugger and would like to build it on  
OS X. I see from a few past posts that others have looked at this in  
the past and no one has been able to build it. I'd like to know what  
would be involved in getting this to work (at least the command line  
version). Specifically I'd like to know if it's feasible to do, i.e.  
is it a matter of updating/adding code to the debugger for os x or if  
there is something about OS X that is going to prevent this from  
working altogether. I'm willing to put some time into getting this  
running, but I'd rather not start if it's not going to work, or won't  
work without lots of modifications to the standard os x install.

I'd like to get the backend working and then put together a nice  
native interface around it. I can already build asp.net applications  
in Xcode and run them, I'm just missing a debugger.


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