[Mono-osx] Dumbarton and Arrays

Eoin Norris e.norris at mac.com
Wed Sep 27 10:23:14 EDT 2006

hi. I am looking to use the Dumbarton framework in a project where  
the main business logic ( webservices etc.) is in the Mono side. I  
can talk to the mono layer using the Dumbarton framework added to my  
own project.

Two questions.

1) I have only the intel version running. Is there a universal  
framework for mono and Dumbarton?
2) I am passing values between the layers using a serialised string,  
as I could not get arrays to work.  There were two problems here.
	2.1)  ( Which may be unsolvable) I had an array of dictionarys which  
means different types within the dictionary. Cant see how mono could  
know about an NSDateTime object
	2.2) Even when trying to get an array of string objects  some things  
were unclear
		The initializer in the sample code uses this
- (id)initWithMonoObject:(MonoObject *)monoObject  

but it initializes the DBIList from an MonoArray which so happened to  
be returned from the mono layer. I presume you could initialise this  
list with any object and then add more objects to the list. In any  
case this problem was moot for when I tried to rename the method I  
was calling into to foo(ArrayList object) and called

[self invokeMethod:"foo(ArrayList)" withNumArgs:1,monoArray];
but that failed with the exception "method not found". Any ideas on  

Thanks to the DB team for a handy framework.

-- Eoin Norris

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