[Mono-osx] Mono TermInfoDriver and IronPython

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Nov 8 20:30:18 EST 2006


> The simple one is I really wish there was a better way to override  
> the default console of white on black, to some colors that more  
> compatible with my black on yellow terminal. I temporarily solved  
> this by modifying fg/bgcolor in TermInfoDriver, but it'd be really  
> nice if there was some way to set a configuration. Perhaps it'd be  
> reasonable to add system.terminfodriver or system.console to  
> machine.config?

I believe there is a "special" sequence to "reset" the colors, we could
assume that white on black is the default and map any uses of this with
the "reset" sequence, so that you get whatever color your terminal has.

I do not remember much more about this, but I remember I used this trick
on the "mc" file manager a few years ago.   Might be worth looking at
what I did there.

> The second more difficult issue, is that OS X's Terminal.app really  
> wants to send DEL (\0x7f) instead of BS (\0x08) and that IronPython's  
> ReadLine loop isn't set up to respond to the DEL character. Should  
> mono try to deal with the oddness of the OS X Terminal and remap its  
> keys to look more like windows/linux? or should a console application  
> be expected to handle keyboard remapping?

I think we should map the "erase" property from the terminal driver into
whatever it is that Windows expects as backspace, if only because this
is what applications will run into.


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