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R. Tyler Ballance tyler at bleepconsulting.com
Mon Dec 18 12:36:07 EST 2006

On Dec 18, 2006, at 11:25 AM, Mike Virus wrote:

> Do you know of any other MONO IDE?
> If not, do you know how I can uninstall MonoDevelop safely?

Hope you don't mind me bringing this back on list, but I think it's  
of general interest, as I'm sure you and I aren't the only ones using  
Mono on Mac OS X/intel

I am using Xcode right now (details on how here: http://bleepsoft.com/ 
tyler/index.php?itemid=84) to work with some Mono code specifically  
on Mac OS X. For the record however, the Mono subset of this larger  
Mac OS X (i.e. Cocoa) project is all built with NAnt (http:// 
www.nant.sf.net). I've also given X-Develop (http://www.omnicore.com/ 
xdevelop.htm) and Eclipse (http://www.eclipse.org) a try and been  
less than satisfied with both.

If you have troubles running NAnt on Mac OS X, this might help:  

Finding the right Mac OS X development environment for Mono is quite  
a do-it-yourself project, I am hopeful that some day I won't have to  
log into my SUSE machine to use MonoDevelop ;)


p.s. hope the cross posting is ok, I figured some of the mono-osx  
guys could offer up their own experiences

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