[Mono-osx] Still trouble with 1.1.16

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Mon Aug 21 14:41:06 EDT 2006

Ken Allen wrote:
> Personally, the only thing that I did was install the Mono release,  
> recompile my test program (which is very simple and was originally  
> created using Visual Studio .Net 1.1 under Windows XP Pro), and then  
> attempt to execute it.

Unfortunately, I can't test 1.1.16 at the moment....

Just to be clear, Ken, did you "macpack" it? Maybe you skipped this step
which is required on the Mac but not on Windows?

Here's a sample Makefile which shows you how to "macpack" a simple
System.Windows.Form program on the Mac:

CSFILES = Form1.cs
OUTFILE = Form1.exe
OUTAPP  = Form1

all: $(OUTAPP).app/Contents/Resources/$(OUTFILE)

	rm -f *.exe *.dll *.mdb
	rm -rf *.app

	open $(OUTAPP)

$(OUTAPP).app/Contents/Resources/$(OUTFILE): $(OUTFILE)
	rm -rf $(OUTAPP).app
	macpack -m:1 -n:$(OUTAPP) -o:. -a:$(OUTFILE)

	mcs -g $(CSFILES) -r:System.Drawing.dll -r:System.Windows.Forms.dll -out:$@

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