[Mono-osx] Xcode Integration: A simple Mono Project

Mark Satterthwaite deepmark9 at macunlimited.net
Sat Apr 29 17:33:43 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I have a simple Xcode project that compiles a command line tool using  
Mono. It should, in theory, be able to handle finding the C# files  
and .dll libraries by itself. I thought you might find it useful, one  
of my current projects requires me to convert some .Net C# into Mono  
C# for Mac OS X so I needed this to get started. I'm going to try and  
extend it to handle everything for Cocoa-Sharp apps too, including  
the MacPack phase. If I can get that working I'll endeavour to turn  
them into proper templates.

I started from Gerry Shaw's previous attempt and took a long hard  
look at how the Xcode templates provided on the Cocoa-Sharp wiki were  
meant to function before I managed to get this working. The xcodemcs  
file is just a bug-fixed version of Gerry's, it seems mcs changed  
it's output format in the interim. I really do hope this is of use.



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