[Mono-osx] Re: Can't build a simple application

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Sep 27 13:33:23 EDT 2005

> No matter what I do, I can't manage to get my application to run. I'm
> following the simple "Hello World" application at
> http://www.cocoasharp.org/cocoaSharp/default.aspx/CocoaSharp/HelloWorldTutorial.html
> I follow this thing to the letter (checked and rechecked), using the
> latest 1.1.9 I downloaded from the Mono web site. However, my app
> launches but never comes up. When I try to run "mono helloworld.exe," I
> get: [...]

But that tutorial never says to type "mono helloworld.exe". It says to
double-click on HelloWorld in the Finder. I suggest you follow the tutorial
more precisely on this point.

It's not possible to start Cocoa# and MWF C# applications on Mac OS X by
simply typing "mono whatever.exe" at the command line. That's why we

Hope this helps,

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