[Mono-osx] Can't build a simple application

Sean Bowman sbowman at localmatters.com
Mon Sep 26 23:04:57 EDT 2005

No matter what I do, I can't manage to get my application to run.   
I'm following the simple "Hello World" application at


I follow this thing to the letter (checked and rechecked), using the  
latest 1.1.9 I downloaded from the Mono web site.  However, my app  
launches but never comes up.  When I try to run "mono  
helloworld.exe," I get:

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception  
was thrown by the type initializer for Apple.Foundation.NSObject --->  
System.DllNotFoundException: libCocoaSharpGlue.dylib
in (wrapper managed-to-native) Apple.Foundation.NSObject:InitGlue  
in <0x000c8> Apple.Foundation.NSObject:.cctor ()--- End of inner  
exception stack trace ---

in <0x00000> <unknown method>
in <0x00018> Apple.Foundation.NSAutoreleasePool:.ctor ()
in <0x00014> Apple.Foundation.NSAutoreleasePool:.ctor ()
in <0x00020> Apple.AppKit.Application:Init ()
in <0x0000c> HelloWorld:Main ()

All I did was download the .dmg and install it.  I had a previous  
1.1.8 version on my Mac, but I deleted the files from /Library/ 
Frameworks.../1.1.8...  I never got around to doing anything with  
that one before 1.1.9 came out.

Any thoughts?  Is 1.1.9 broken and I should go back a version or so?   
Did I not do some installation step to get Cocoa# working?


P.S.  Maybe I'll try rebooting...c# is a Windows-based thing, right?

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