[Mono-osx] Is Bitmap.SetResolution not working?

Ken & Deb Allen kendrhyd at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 27 16:27:39 EDT 2005

I have some Mono code that creates a bitmap populates it with some  
text and lines, but when I save it the resulting GIF or JPEG image is  
always set at 72ppi.

Case 1: create the bitmap at 720x720 pixels and save it --> resulting  
file is 72ppi at 10x10 inches.

Case 2: create the bitmap at 3000x3000 pixels, set the resolution to  
300x300 and save it --> resulting file is 72ppi at 41.6x41.6 inches!


P.S. Will the text hints improves the appearance of text drawn in the  
bitmap using Mono?

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