[Mono-osx] OSX Reality Check

Roger Mann rmann at digitech.com
Tue Oct 25 15:44:27 EDT 2005


This is very much what we would like to do.

I would be very interested in your thoughts about  bridging  
strategies and real world experience.

Our 'shared code' will not employ anything really demanding, ... but  
to write/debug this code once for two platforms is a big win for us.

I expect Apple will have something to say about Mono/C# at the next  

Glad to hear performance is acceptable.


On Oct 25, 2005, at 1:25 PM, Allan Hsu wrote:

> I'm currently working on porting a windows client application  
> written in C# (available at http://www.imeem.com) to OS X. We've  
> peeled away the Windows-specific code and are running the managed  
> code within an embedded Mono instance. We're writing the interface  
> in native Cocoa/Objective-C because native look-and-feel is  
> important to us. We wrote a bridging layer between the Cocoa AppKit/ 
> Objective-C and the Mono embedded runtime that makes this pretty  
> easy. We plan on eventually contributing the bridging layer back to  
> Mono, but this may not happen until some time opens up in our  
> development schedule.
> We had to do minimal alterations to our non-Windows-specific code  
> to get it to run properly under OS X. Mono really does help in that  
> regard. One of the biggest issues we have yet to confront is  
> figuring out how to package Mono and its dependencies with our  
> application (for various reasons, relying on users to maintain  
> their own Mono installations is undesirable for us).
> Also, there are a few outstanding bugs with Mono on OS X that may  
> or may not be important to you. The biggest bug for us is that  
> asynchronous TCP socket connects don't seem to work at all. This  
> bug seems to be the reason why the MySQL.NET connector doesn't work  
> under OS X.
> OS X doesn't seem to get as much developer attention as the more  
> popular ports, but most of the important bits are there.
> In my experience, Mono on OS X performs roughly on par with Mono on  
> x86. The only in-depth benchmarking I've done is with the AES/ 
> Rijndael implementation; here are my numbers:
> http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-devel-list/2005-July/ 
> 013127.html
> The big difference between Mono and the MS.NET performance is  
> partially due to unoptimized implementation and partially due to  
> worse JIT optimization. AES is a severe case; most of the time,  
> Mono is plenty fast.
> Prime Time? I don't know. It's entirely possible to ship a real  
> product using Mono on OS X, but it occasionally requires you to get  
> out and push...
>     -Allan
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> On Oct 25, 2005, at 8:41 AM, Roger Mann wrote:
>> .... oops missing subject... sorry for sending this twice
>> Hi
>> I'm new to the list.
>> We are evaluating Mono for Mac OSX...in hopes of being able to  
>> share code between Mac & Windows( .Net development).
>> I would love hear from any developer's 'real-world'  experiences.
>> Is Mac Mono ready for Prime Time?...or will be ready by say Spring  
>> 06?
>> Any Mac developers working on shipping Mac products ....embedding  
>> Mono?
>> Any real numbers on performance?
>> I spoke to Erik Dasque, and played with the 'Embedded  
>> Samples'...so far so good.
>> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> -Roger
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