[Mono-osx] OSX Reality Check

kangaroo grompf at sublimeintervention.com
Tue Oct 25 15:39:22 EDT 2005

On 25-Oct-05, at 3:25 PM, Allan Hsu wrote:

> We wrote a bridging layer between the Cocoa AppKit/Objective-C and  
> the Mono embedded runtime that makes this pretty easy.

People interested in something like this should take a look at / 
source/trunk/objc-sharp that I just commited today.  Its a preview  
release of a genericized objc->.net bridge using mono embedding.   
Check out the stuff in test/ specifically for some examples of what  
it can do (treat objc classes as targets for events; translate  
managed exceptions to native; act on managed objects with native  
classes; all kinds of neat stuff).

Its MIT/X11 licensed and patches are welcome.

Additionally keep your eyes out for a new version of Cocoa# coming  
soon; that has put the generator aside and hand bound and audited all  
the currently implemented features.  It will be more of an "organic"  
direction for cocoa# making people add what they need (easy to add  
based on the new glueless framework) and contribute it back; thus  
giving us all (in theory) a fully audited base of controls to work with.

Any questions; feel free to contact me on list or directly; however I  
may be out of the loop for a while as I'm moving this weekend.


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