[Mono-osx] Installing Monodevelop on OSX

Ron Braithwaite ron at braithwaites.net
Sun Oct 9 19:21:45 EDT 2005

Greetings, fellow OSXers.

I'm trying to bring up monodevelop on OSX (10.4.1) and keep running  
into dead ends.

I started by using fink (perhaps foolishly) to install mono (fink  
tells me that is installed and that jibes with --version)  
and have got it to, theoretically, install monodevelop 0.7-75 (the  
version it has told me that is installed).

But when I try to execute monodevelop, I get pages of reasons why it  
won't run that.


First things first. How do I tell if I have a decent install of mono?  
Is there any sort of test suite I can download, compile, and run that  
will tell me if its broken and what I need to do to fix it? Is there  
*any* sort of install docs other than that on http://www.mono- 
project.com/Mono:OSX - I'm not the #est tool in the shed, so I need  
whatever advice I can get. Also, is there an OSX IRC channel?

I am trying to sell a company on doing a cross-platform version of a  
new product using mono (they have been DOS/Windows only before, but  
are now interested). They are committed to dot net, but are intrigued  
with being able to run on OSX if it is possible. I haven't over- 
promised (I think), but they won't let me go down this path very far  
unless I can show that I have *something* working.



Ron Braithwaite
2015 NE 37th Ave
Portland, OR 97212 USA
ron at braithwaites.net

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