[Mono-osx] Mono 1.1.0 Cocoa# + MWF

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Nov 23 11:17:48 EST 2005


> Second, I'll believe anything on Gtk+-osx when I start seeing the
> source; 

The source got checked into CVS two days ago.

> but even then its not a native look and feel so to me this isn't a
> solution.  

There is nothing stopping the community to implement a theme engine for
it or using something like the appearance manager to get the widgets to
render like OSX widgets.

With Apple's new-look-every-quarter-for-each-new-app philosophy most
people wont mind as long as the theme is reasonably good. 

So Gtk# and Windows.Forms are options for some folks.

But if you want a native OSX application, or you want to get the best
experience possible on each platform and can afford the time and
resources Cocoa# plays a key role.

Am very supportive of Cocoa# but lets not trash the other toolkits in
the process, I think each one has its pros and cons.

> As for Gtk 2.10 having a quartz driver; its backed by cairo and I've
> worked on the current cairo-quartz surface; and I can tell you it
> needs some love before using it for Gtk+ on OSX as a full windowing
> system (MWF-OSX uses it today and its less than ideal).  

Well, Gtk/Cairo runs very smoothly and is very fast.   Mono's Winforms
code has not been tuned like Gtk has and is noticeably slower.  

I think we are only starting to scratch the surface on what can be done
to improve the rendering performance.  We know there is a gap because of
the Gtk vs Winforms speed differences (both using Cairo).  I am happy
extrapolating that difference.


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