[Mono-osx] Mono 1.1.0 Cocoa# + MWF

kangaroo grompf at sublimeintervention.com
Tue Nov 22 10:01:22 EST 2005


> Now my "two penneth", I think the problem may be that mono on OSX has
> attracted "users" rather than "hackers" (and with the choice of C, C 
> ++ or
> objC - who can blame them for turning to c#/mono!). I am also  
> beginning to
> wonder if MWF should be the cross-platform GUI of choice for mono-OSX
> developers. There does seem to be a lot of activity on the GTK  
> front lately
> (native gtk libraries; GTK 2.10 projected to have a quartz  
> driver; ...). May
> be that will be the way to go? OSX only - cocoa#, cross-platform -
> gtk-sharp.

First, MWF was never meant to be a cross-platform GUI of choice for  
Mono; let alone Mono-OSX.  Its a compatability layer to
allow people to run SWF applications on Linux/OSX.  I dont think  
anyone on the mono team has eschewed using it as a primary  
development platform.

Second, I'll believe anything on Gtk+-osx when I start seeing the  
source; but even then its not a native look and feel so to me this  
isn't a solution.  As for Gtk 2.10 having a quartz driver; its backed  
by cairo and I've worked on the current cairo-quartz surface; and I  
can tell you it needs some love before using it for Gtk+ on OSX as a  
full windowing system (MWF-OSX uses it today and its less than  
ideal).  I have suggested from day one that people abstract their GUI  
layer from their (I hate this phrase) "business logic" and build a  
Gtk# frontend for linux; SWF for win32; Cocoa# for Mac.

What does this leave?  Cocoa# and ObjectiveC#.  If you want to be  
fully managed; use Cocoa#.  If you like IB/ObjC for your presentation  
layer use ObjectiveC#.  The latter is available in SVN today.

As for more "users" than "hackers"; since none of these tools are  
"prime-time ready"; I personally dont see how any user could truly be  
using them.  The OSX MWF driver doesn't even have true keyboard  
support, let alone supporting control clipping for overlapping  
controls; so how can it be used?  As for Cocoa# 0.2; no one has piped  
up and shown me a released app running it; so the same holds (mostly)  


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