[Mono-osx] WinForms under 1.1.7

Ken & Deb Allen kendrhyd at sympatico.ca
Mon May 16 12:36:04 EDT 2005

I have a not-too-complicated program that I translated into C#/.Net 
from an older program I wrote for the Mac (using REALbasic). I wrote 
the code first on a Wndows system, as I do not have a reasonable 
IDE/GUI for the Mac available. The code ran fine on the Windows system, 
so I decided to transfer the source to the Mac and compile under Mono 
(I have not yet tried simply executing the assembly from the Windows 
system). I compiled the code and then ran MacPAck to create a clicable 

First, there was a problem with a call to 
"Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location" -- this call returned an 
empty string, not the directory that contained the assembly, or the 
directory that contained the MacPack wrapper. I modified the code to 
replace the result with "./" if the resulting string length were zero. 
Since the code does not yet make extensive use of this string, this is 
not a major problem.

The main form contains a list box and three (3) buttons, and displays 
cleanly. The first button causes another form to be displayed, modally, 
and this form contains a series of labels, text boxes, a combobox, and 
two (2) buttons. The intent of the combobox is to permit the user to 
indicate the number of teams that will be entered (I volunteer as an 
umpire for Little league Baseball), and the code makes the proper 
number of pairs of labels and text boxes visible based on the number 
entered. The code was updated so that the user can click on the 
triangle for the combobox and select and entry from the list or enter 
the number directly. The forma load code deals with populating the 
combobox using a DataTable and associating that with the combobox 
(setting the DataSource, DisplayMember and ValueMember).

Under 1.1.6-4 this form was displayed, but the combobox was not 
rendered properly and a dialog was displayed indicting that some 
operation was not supported. With 1.1.7 the alert dialog is not 
displayed, but neither is the combobox displayed properly.

1. When first displayed, the bottom have of the text area is filled 
with a rainbow of colours.

2. Clicking on the triangle control causes vertical lines to be 
displayed within the text area, but nothing else seems to happen.

3. Then clicking outside the combobox causes the top half to be filled 
with a rainbow of coloured dots.

4. Tabbing into and out of the combobox does not work - the cursor 
simply disappears.

5. Clicking in the combobox cleanly displays the currently selected 
value, and one is able to edit the contents, but a tab-out, which 
should fire a method to update the display of the team controls, does 
not seem to be executed.

Finally, regardless of anything else, when I simply permit the 
application to terminate by closing the main form, I get an alert 
dialog reporting "The application mono has unexpectedly quit."

I was hoping that the work was more mature than it appears to be. Does 
anyone have any ideas on whether the above issues are expected? Or when 
they may be addressed?


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