[Mono-osx] Follow-up

Oscar Papel oscar at papel.ca
Sun May 15 19:18:02 EDT 2005

> This is a very simple SDLDotNet app written in Boo, using Tao.Sdl and
> Mono 1.1.7 under Tiger. Works fine under Linux. My libSDL.dylib is
> compiled from Fink, and I've hard-coded the path to the library in my 
> Tao.Sdl.dll.config.

You've run into a pitfall of the Mac platform.
I've used SDL.framework and (the Mac version at least) was designed for 
Cocoa Apps.  Specifically, it is used to working within the context of a 
Cocoa Application's NSAutoreleasePool, like most Cocoa frameworks.  This is 
an Objective C mechanism that provides a "poor mans garbage collector". 
That's probably where your Cocoa dependancy came from when you were 
compiling your dylib.

You should probably be making a SDL.framework anyway instead of a dylib 
unless you have a reason not to.

Your best bet is to contact the maintainers of the Mac version of SDL and 
ask them how to get around the Cocoa dependancy.  If you can remove the 
Cocoa dependancy (may not be possible) then you should be sailing.


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