[Mono-osx] Basic Mono Question

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Jun 28 13:26:09 EDT 2005


> 1. If I understand correctly, there was a problem with a web server 
> component of mono (was it mod_mono?) on Mac OSX, which effectively 
> ruled out serving asp.net pages from a Mac OSX server. Does this 
> problem still persist or did I misunderstand? If it does exist, does it 
> only exist on Mac OSX and not on Linux? Can asp.net pages currently be 
> served from Mac OSX?

That probably was the case a long time ago, but today we can serve apps
with mod_mono and xsp just fine from OSX.

> 2. I have a live web server, that is currently running on Windows 2000. 
> On it, I have a few sites written in C#. Most of the code is compiled 
> into dlls and user cotrols. They don't do anything amazing, just 
> regular dynamic fare. How big are my chances, that these sites will 
> function 1:1 on a Linux server running mono?

Very good.

The major problems faced today by developers are that they reference and
hardcode paths with "\" instead of Path.Separator or using Path.Combine
which will give you portable code.

The other problem is filename casing: your file is called "Foo.aspx" but
you reference it as "foo.aspx" from your pages.   This is only a problem
on case-sensitive file systems.

> 3. Is there a basic tutorial for installing Mono + whatever else it 
> takes to get going with asp.net on Mac OSX somewhere on the net?

Install the Mono package, then follow the instructions to install

> 4. Once mono is installed on Mac OSX, how can I compile dlls of .cs 
> code files?


	mcs -target:library foo.cs


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