[Mono-osx] Basic Mono Question

Nik Schramm n at industriality.com
Tue Jun 28 06:27:36 EDT 2005


I've been lurking on this list for a while. I have a few basic 

1. If I understand correctly, there was a problem with a web server 
component of mono (was it mod_mono?) on Mac OSX, which effectively 
ruled out serving asp.net pages from a Mac OSX server. Does this 
problem still persist or did I misunderstand? If it does exist, does it 
only exist on Mac OSX and not on Linux? Can asp.net pages currently be 
served from Mac OSX?

2. I have a live web server, that is currently running on Windows 2000. 
On it, I have a few sites written in C#. Most of the code is compiled 
into dlls and user cotrols. They don't do anything amazing, just 
regular dynamic fare. How big are my chances, that these sites will 
function 1:1 on a Linux server running mono?

3. Is there a basic tutorial for installing Mono + whatever else it 
takes to get going with asp.net on Mac OSX somewhere on the net?

4. Once mono is installed on Mac OSX, how can I compile dlls of .cs 
code files?

Hopefully someone here will be kind enough to answer some (or even all) 
of these.


N i k   S c h r a m m

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