[Mono-osx] Problem with Mono 1.1.8 image?

Diego Dompe ddompe at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 00:18:16 EDT 2005


I'm just starting on mono OS X, and I'm not a OS X programmer (yet),  
so you will excuse me if I'm missing something.

I just download mono 1.1.8 .dmg from mono-project.com download page  
(I'm not sure if is the same testing image that Miguel put on his tmp).

I was following the example of how to build a MWF application from  
the cocoa# wiki, but on my impatience I don't complete the reading of  
the page, and try to execute "mono hello.exe" instead of doing the  
macpack. This obviously throw a couple of error messages, and in the  
process of figuring out was going on, I found that the .dmg don't  
have libMonoPosixHelper.dylib, but instead libMonoPosixHelper.so... I  
don't know that much about OS X linker (yet), but AFAIK shared  
libraries on OS X are only .dylib right?

Is this a bug?

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