[Mono-osx] Tao.OpenAl on OSX

Nolan J. Darilek nolan at thewordnerd.info
Thu Jun 16 22:49:48 EDT 2005

For anyone who's interested, I wrote a patch that uses reflection to
incorporate the code posted here a few days back directly into Tao.Sdl
such that initializing SDL initializes CocoaSharp under OSX and
behaves normally on other platforms. I initially tried foregoing using
reflection/CocoaSharp in favor of calling the objective C stuff
directly, but I don't know enough about objC to pull it off, and what
I had wasn't working. You can see my version of the patch at
and a bit of poking around in the archives will reveal my earlier
efforts at ObjC, which were probably close to being
done. Testing/improvements are certainly welcome, especially if you
can remove the CocoaSharp dependency such that it just uses
libobjc. :)

But that's not the main focus of my mail. Having apparently gotten SDL
working, I'm now having issues with Tao.OpenAl. Specifically, the
audio sounds very bad. I'm on crappy laptop speakers and am not able
to make a detailed analysis, but it almost sounds as if it's being
sped up, as if the sample rate is wrong. This code works fine under
Linux and windows, so I'm suspecting some difference between the
OpenAL implementations, but a cursory glance at some of the constants
I'm using seems to indicate that they're in order. I also thought that
the alLoadWAVFile differences between Linux and OS X might be at
fault, but the code appears to handle WAV reading internally and to
simply emulate the higher-level function rather than calling it

Any idea what may be causing this? Are there any lower-level
differences between the implementations that might be at fault? How
might I go about debugging this?

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