[Mono-osx] Basic Mono Question

Grant Young gyoung at wwf.org.au
Sun Jul 3 19:24:12 EDT 2005

Hi Nik.

Good to hear about your progress - you got a lot further than I did.  
Mac OS X puts things in strange paths sometimes - particularly related 
to Apache stuff - so it's good to read your notes.  If I get a chance 
I'll see if I can follow up.

As for the server restart issue - afaik this is a known issue with XSP 
(on which mod_mono relies).  As I understand it, it doesn't detect 
changes at the file system level, so it requires a restart of XSP to 
reflect changes to DLLs (not to aspx files).  I do this manually (using 
a shell alias) each time I make a change.  Unfortunately XSP seems to 
"grab" the terminal input even when run in the background so I can't 
automate this as part of a build script.  And yes, this is a /very/ 
frustrating thing (I'm so used to restarting things from terminal I 
forgot to mention it in my initial email).  Probably not what you wanted 
to hear.

I suspect the reason that you are getting the XSP error is because 
mod_mono doesn't restart the XSP instance on which it relies - although 
I've not had any experience with this so I can't say for sure.  Might be 
best to restart XSP manually anyway.

The following are the aliases I have set up:
alias xsps='/usr/local/bin/xsp --nonstop &'
alias xspk='killall mono /usr/local/bin/mono/1.0/xsp.exe'
alias xspr='xspk ; xsps'

I pretty much use "xspr" all the time.  There is probably a more 
graceful way of handling this, but I don't know it ;)

Re: your file system stuff - I've not had a lot of experience with this 
(my app didn't do a lot of file system things).  So can't really comment 
- there were some notes on the mono site about that side of things (for 
windows/unix x-platform develppment).

HTH.  Grant


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