[Mono-osx] Basic Mono Question

Nik Schramm n at industriality.com
Fri Jul 1 12:03:59 EDT 2005

On 29. Jun 2005, at 3:48 Uhr, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> What are the issues that you are running into?
> As I said before, I have run mod_mono without problems on OSX.
> There is nothing "magic" about OSX that wont make it work.

Hi Miguel

(sorry, I was gone for a few days, so I couldn't answer sooner)

First of all: many thanks for your replies. By now I have mono, 
mod_mono and xsp running on my Powerbook (latest versions of mono, 
mod_mono and xsp, Panther 10.3.9, Apache 1.3), but it was a bit of a 
struggle. Both xsp.exe and mod_mono.exe didn't get installed where I 
(and apache) thought they would, so I had to drop them into the 
locations indicated by the error_log by hand.

The basic tests seem to run fine. What options do I have in httpd.conf? 
This is what I used:

LoadModule mono_module libexec/httpd/mod_mono.so
Alias /test "/usr/share/doc/xsp/test"
DirectoryIndex index.aspx
AddMonoApplications default "/test:/usr/share/doc/xsp/test"
<Location /test>
	AddHandler mono .aspx .ascx .asax .ashx .config .cs .asmx .axd

Seems to work. Then I tried it with virtual hosts on a little site I 
set up for myself in httpd.conf:

	DocumentRoot /Users/nik/Server/sites/aspx
	ServerName aspx
	AddMonoApplications default "/:/Users/nik/Server/sites/aspx"
	<Location />
		AddHandler mono .aspx .ascx .asax .ashx .config .cs .asmx .axd

This seems to almost work, but the files are cached somehow, ie. if i 
make a little change in the source file it is not reflected in the 
browser until the server is restarted. What's up with that? Is that 
something I can change somehow? It's not very useful the way it is...

Incidentally, when I do restart the server I get the following in my 

[Fri Jul  1 17:56:28 2005] [notice] SIGUSR1 received.  Doing graceful 
[Fri Jul  1 17:56:30 2005] [notice] Apache/1.3.33 (Darwin) 
mod_mono/1.0.9 PHP/4.3.11 configured -- resuming normal operations
[Fri Jul  1 17:56:30 2005] [notice] Accept mutex: flock (Default: flock)
Another mod-mono-server with the same arguments is already running.

Does that mean mod-mono is running twice? If so, how do I find out 
which two instances are running and which one of those is the one I 
need and how I stop the other one from running?

Confused, but reasonably happy about mono


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