[Mono-osx] Getting MonoDevelop running on OS/X

Andy Satori dru@druware.com
Fri, 8 Apr 2005 15:38:11 -0400

The larger issue at hand right now is manpower.  For the most part, 
Novell has a couple of guys actively working on Mono / OS X, and that's 
as second fiddle to Mono/x86 which is the bulk of the user base.  
Outside of the that, Kangaroo has been the heart and soul of the coding 
efforts, and adhamh has been the primary packager.  I provide immoral 
support, and Urs has contributed an enormous amount in both code and 

Beyond that core group, the cocoa# group that really spent the bulk of 
the time pissing and moaning about bugs, and generally annoying the 
living hell out of poor lupus (who is a great guy who catches more than 
his fair share of crap from us :)), really lacks that manpower to 
tackle all of the issues that face Mono/OSX.

They are (in no particular order):

	* Core Run-Time issues
	* Peripheral Run-Time Issues (Odbc, Event Loggin etc)
	* Packaging (Mono, XSP, Mod_mono)
	* GTK#
	* System.Windows.Forms
	* Cocoa# (C# --> Cocoa)
	* ObjectiveC# (Cocoa --> C#/Mono)
	* Xcode Integration
	* Mono Debugger on PPC
	* MonoDevelop on X/GTK#
	* MonoDevelop on Cocoa#

Based upon that list, we've prioritized and the first three, and then 
worked on Cocoa# and SWF.   Everything else has been investigated and 
attempted at various times, but time constraints have placed handcuffs 
all around.

Recently, the growth of the community has helped enormously.  With the 
recent additions of Arty0M on IRC, Calvin from Novell and a few others, 
some of this is beginning to become possible, but we need some planning 
and strategy to accomplish them.  This list is a good start, but it's 
only a start.

Unlike Mono, we don't have a Miguel to spearhead and guide our steps 
and plans, we have no organization and no structure.  If we really want 
that to happen, it's going to have to come from within this community.  
Novell has it's hands full, and a tight budget.  They are already 
toeing a fine line of Open Source profitability.  Apple doesn't appear 
to have any commitment to the Mono platform, and the people that are on 
this list with @apple.com email addresses are here in unofficial 
capacities at best.

So if we want to tackle some of these issues, we need to get some 
organization and planning in place.  I've talked with Miguel and Erik 
about this very subject a few times, and I'm certain that if we have a 
plan and definitive goals, they'll be happy to help us out in any way 
they can so long as it doesn't hamper their abilities to keep Mono on 


On Apr 8, 2005, at 3:07 PM, Attila Balogh wrote:

>> Hey folks,
>> Does anyone know of a comprehensive set of instructions detailing what
>> needs to be done to install MonoDevelop on an clean os/x 10.3.8 box
>> running Fink?
>> All the examples/instructions I have seeen are woefully out of date,
>> and I would be happy to work with someone who has gotten it working to
>> develop a user friendly set of instructions.
>> Thanks!
>> Steve
> hi,
> after setting fink to use the unstable packages also you do fink
> install monodevelop, isn't that working?
> though it won't be the best solution as the mono/cocoa# team decided
> last year to go with installing mono* into
> /Library/Frameworks/Mono*.framework, so fink and darwinports are not
> compatible with the mono mac installer.
> there was some effort in creating a gnome installer similar to the
> mono installer last year, but it slowly died, as it's not too clear
> (at least for me) what the plans are regarding the gui toolkit support
> in mono, especially on mac os x.
> is gtk# going to be under development, or all the efforts will be put 
> into swf?
> is swf going to be supported natively (means: without X11) under mac
> os x? (i fear not)
> about cocoa#: if there won't be any monodevelop port, what will be tha 
> main IDE?
> and to the mono(develop) developers: do they at all want any working
> mac installer for monodevelop? is it going to be the primary IDE for
> mono, or there's going to be a swf-based one?
> as long as those questions are unclear, i don't believe there's too
> much sense in talking about development with mono on mac os x.
> best regards;
> Attila Balogh
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