[Mono-osx] Getting MonoDevelop running on OS/X

Attila Balogh Attila Balogh <attila.balogh@gmail.com>
Fri, 8 Apr 2005 21:07:36 +0200

> Hey folks,
> Does anyone know of a comprehensive set of instructions detailing what
> needs to be done to install MonoDevelop on an clean os/x 10.3.8 box
> running Fink?
> All the examples/instructions I have seeen are woefully out of date,
> and I would be happy to work with someone who has gotten it working to
> develop a user friendly set of instructions.
> Thanks!
> Steve

after setting fink to use the unstable packages also you do fink
install monodevelop, isn't that working?

though it won't be the best solution as the mono/cocoa# team decided
last year to go with installing mono* into
/Library/Frameworks/Mono*.framework, so fink and darwinports are not
compatible with the mono mac installer.
there was some effort in creating a gnome installer similar to the
mono installer last year, but it slowly died, as it's not too clear
(at least for me) what the plans are regarding the gui toolkit support
in mono, especially on mac os x.

is gtk# going to be under development, or all the efforts will be put into swf?
is swf going to be supported natively (means: without X11) under mac
os x? (i fear not)
about cocoa#: if there won't be any monodevelop port, what will be tha main IDE?
and to the mono(develop) developers: do they at all want any working
mac installer for monodevelop? is it going to be the primary IDE for
mono, or there's going to be a swf-based one?

as long as those questions are unclear, i don't believe there's too
much sense in talking about development with mono on mac os x.

best regards;

Attila Balogh