[Mono-list] libmono-2-0.a in libmono-dev CentOS package?

Eugene Kobrinsky cue at integrate.com
Fri Feb 19 16:45:24 UTC 2016

In regards to Docker layers, I'm not an expert myself. At least from my understanding, Docker does use caching for each layer when you build a container but in effect it is still a separate instance when you run the resulting container.  It still seems to use all the space of each layer for that particular running container. So running the same container 10 times will still take up 10x of the space. 

We might just have to build our own packages... I was really hoping to avoid that. 

Going to try IRC and the package manager list next. 

Thanks for your responses Timotheus! 


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Hello Eugene,

> Good question. We are using Docker to run a microservices architecture for our app. As such, we are dealing with a lot of docker containers, each running a very small mono app (service).
Sounds interesting!

> Right now we have a full blown CentOS instance and mono runtime in each container, which bloats the container size to 160mb+. Our goal is to run a small container with minimal OS (options: BusyBox or Alpine https://github.com/gliderlabs/docker-alpine) which would bring down our container size to 20mb-40mb.
I am not a docker expert, but I thought the layered system with AUFS avoids duplication of similar parts of containers? Or are the containers all running on different hosts?

> Here is an example of a guy doing it, except he makes the static bundle on Debian http://www.onegeek.com.au/articles/a-nancy-net-microservice-running-on-docker-in-under-20mb.
I suggest you build your own CentOS packages: comment the rm lines, and add the libmono-2.0.a files and others in the %files section.

> Is the mono package mailing list more appropriate for this question? It seems like an oversite given there is a tool (mkbundle) that uses those static libraries.
I think not much is happening on the package mailing list:
But it might be good to get a discussion going there again :)

Otherwise try the IRC: #mono on freenode

all the best,
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