[Mono-list] libmono-2-0.a in libmono-dev CentOS package?

Timotheus Pokorra timotheus.pokorra at solidcharity.com
Fri Feb 19 06:58:21 UTC 2016

Hello Eugene,

> Good question. We are using Docker to run a microservices architecture for our app. As such, we are dealing with a lot of docker containers, each running a very small mono app (service).
Sounds interesting!

> Right now we have a full blown CentOS instance and mono runtime in each container, which bloats the container size to 160mb+. Our goal is to run a small container with minimal OS (options: BusyBox or Alpine https://github.com/gliderlabs/docker-alpine) which would bring down our container size to 20mb-40mb.
I am not a docker expert, but I thought the layered system with AUFS
avoids duplication of similar parts of containers? Or are the
containers all running on different hosts?

> Here is an example of a guy doing it, except he makes the static bundle on Debian http://www.onegeek.com.au/articles/a-nancy-net-microservice-running-on-docker-in-under-20mb.
I suggest you build your own CentOS packages: comment the rm lines,
and add the libmono-2.0.a files and others in the %files section.

> Is the mono package mailing list more appropriate for this question? It seems like an oversite given there is a tool (mkbundle) that uses those static libraries.
I think not much is happening on the package mailing list:
But it might be good to get a discussion going there again :)

Otherwise try the IRC: #mono on freenode

all the best,

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