[Mono-list] Adding Tizen support to Mono

bobsummerwill bob at summerwill.net
Mon May 19 12:58:09 UTC 2014

I love my new Samsung Gear 2 and am optimistic about the potential of Tizen
to disrupt the smartphone and tablet market.


I also know how ill-equipped many app developers are to develop in C++ if
they're coming from a Java or C# background.

Tizen does offer a very compliant HTML5 stack, but as Xamarin have
demonstrated, the native app experience is usually better for end-users.

I want to open up this space for C#, and am willing to pay for that to

If you are a developer with a demonstrated history of contributions to the
Mono Runtime (preferably on Linux support) and you are interested in doing
this GOOD WORK for money, please contact me with a resume and your github
account showing your work on Mono.

The work would be happening in the open on github, with proof of completion
being something which you probably know better than me what it should be.  
Perhaps all unit-tests running successfully against the Tizen simulator?

I have some final EA stock maturing, and have chosen to use that to do
something tangible as my "hello gift" to the Open Source .NET community.

I am willing to do either rolling billable hours until the cash runs out, or
to agree a fixed price ahead of time.   Because Tizen is just another Linux
variant, I would HOPE that this isn't too hard a task, but that might be
naive wishing on my behalf.

For anybody who isn't familiar with Tizen yet, it's a mobile Linux being
developed by a consortium led by Samsung and Intel as an alternative to
Android, without Google controlling its direction.   It's already powering
smartwatch, cameras, TV's and incarceration entertainment systems.   It is
just the phones and tablets which haven't made the market yet.   Rumors have
Samsung releasing their first 2 Tizen phones in India and Russia within a

The Samsung Tizen phones with have SmartWiz UI and probably be S3 calibre
hardware.   So to most end-users who don't even know what Android is, they
will have just bought the new Samsung phone.    They would look very similar
to existing Android phones, except they are running Tizen and have Samsung
Apps, not Google Play.    Samsung control direction, not Google, and they
get the 30% cut in the store.

Considering how huge a slice if the Android market Samsung are, this is
very, very interesting.    They won't stop doing Android, but have stated
publicly (whether bargaining chip or deadly intent) that they want Tizen
running every Samsung devices, big or small.    You can certainly envisage
the S6 being offered in Android and Tizen versions in some markets, for

There was strong speculation they were going to announce exactly that for
the S5, but instead they revealed they had switched from Android to Tizen
for the Galaxy Gear to Samsung Gear 2 update, having to drop the Galaxy name
during the transition.

If you are interested and qualified to do this work please send me your
information and your hourly-rate or fixed price along with your suggested
completion criteria.

Happy coding!   Of course, because this work will be happening in the open,
anybody else who is interested can help out too.   You just won't get paid
for it.   But it will still be as much fun!

Bob Summerwill
(bob at summerwill dot net)

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