[Mono-list] Not able to verify integrity of download

Ian Norton inorton at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 08:00:12 UTC 2014

I'd say that is a good idea. Pgp sign the sha256 hash of the release
tarball. And make that a manual process controlled by release engineers.
Perhaps also sign the sha1 state of the got repos at releases too
On 12 Mar 2014 17:25, "Matt Clay" <Matt.Clay at earthclassmail.com> wrote:

> Perhaps you could use GnuPG to sign releases like is done for the Linux
> kernel sources?
> https://www.kernel.org/signature.html
>  - Matt
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> > I think our friend is wondering if our stable archive is trusted. if
> > someone hasn't snuck in and inserted some nasty in the released tarball.
> > I for one think that xamarin really really need to sha2 and sign the
> > released stable sources!
> So - How does that work?  The two things I usually see are either:
> On the website, they give you a download link for a file, and they also
> tell you the MD5 and SHA1 sums of the file...
> or
> You download something like a .msi or .exe, and your browser does a
> security scan, and upon launch, it does another security scan, and verifies
> all the codesigning signatures...
> So my question for you guys is, what do you want to see?  The way I see
> it, posting the MD5 or SHA1 on the website does not help protect you
> against malicious person hacking up the website.  Because they'll just
> update the sums to match their infected tarball.
> Code signing is very nice, because the software publisher must jump
> through trusted root CA verification, proof of control of the organization,
> etc, and the publisher has a private key, so even if somebody hacks up the
> website, they still cannot fake a valid signed file.  So the recipient will
> be able to detect the malicious behavior.  (Invalid code signing cert, or
> not signed at all.)
> But I'm not aware of any way to do code signing on the source tarball, etc.
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