[Mono-list] Mono as a Service

Michał Smereczyński michal at aegis.org.pl
Tue Mar 11 15:23:19 UTC 2014

Hi all,
I wish to say hello and give You some information about my little 
project. My name is Michael Smereczynski and I'm vice president of 
Polish umbrella foundation (Aegis Foundation - aegis.org.pl).
Personally I'm very interested in cloud computing and interoperability 
between Microsoft technologies and "open source world".
I have created something like "Mono as a Service". This is 
preconfigured Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS image with Mono 3.2.8, Apache 2 
and mod_mono. You can deploy Your own VM with few clicks in Windows 
Azure cloud. MaaS is available from VM Depot 
(http://vmdepot.msopentech.com/Vhd/Show?vhdId=30025&version=31070) and 
from Windows Azure VM gallery - just search and click "deploy". Sou You 
can have Your own Mono/Linux environment within a few minutes.

I'm working on GitHub page but now You can give me some feedback using 
issues https://github.com/Aegis/mono-as-a-service

If You have some free time or You need Mono environment, please test my 
VM. If You need some test account on Windows Azure just drop me a line - 
I can ask my friends from MS if they have some test-drive-codes.

Thank You for Your attention,

Best regards,
Michał Smereczyński
Aegis Foundation VP
GSM: +48 604 970 937
Skype: michal.smereczynski

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