[Mono-list] Targeting .Net Framework

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Tue Jun 3 00:54:41 UTC 2014

> From: mono-list-bounces at lists.ximian.com [mailto:mono-list-
> bounces at lists.ximian.com] On Behalf Of Ari King
> Using XBuild Engine Version 12.0 and Mono Version, I am able to
> compile and F# project.
> However, in spite of specifying 4.0 as the target framework the binaries
> seem to still target 4.5 -- as this is the error I get when running on Windows
> Server 2003. Any ideas why? Thanks.

I know binaries are supposed to be platform agnostic, and I've used that to my advantage many times (copy a binary from win to lin or vice versa.)  

But do people expect it?  I know I don't.

Distributing a signed windows application, build in VS with InstallShield, or whatever...  Distributing a signed mac app, build in xamarin studio...  We build all our linux stuff on mac, and windows stuff on windows.  It would surely solve the problem for you, and surely it's not the last problem it will ever solve for you.  But as you know, sometimes you can get away with just building once and then distributing cross-platform...

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