[Mono-list] GameStack for Mono and Xamarin

William Ivanski william.ivanski at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 03:16:39 UTC 2014

It seems wonderful, very feature-rich and high quality software.

I'm already looking for a gap in my agenda to try GameStack :)

Em qua 16 jul 2014, às 16:05:54, Brett Ernst escreveu:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to introduce GameStack, an open-source toolkit for Mono and
> Xamarin.iOS/Android. GameStack is for building games, interactive displays
> and visualization components. It pulls together a number of open source
> libraries into one package and adds its own facilities. GameStack was
> originally an internal toolkit, but was recently open sourced and made
> available on GitHub by my employer. We use Mono and Xamarin heavily in our
> work, and GameStack is the result of a series of increasingly advanced
> projects. It's been used to build data visualization components with
> Xamarin, and on NUCs/embedded PCs with Mono to drive huge interactive touch
> displays.
> Project repo: https://github.com/icmus/GameStack
> Project wiki: http://gamestack.wiki
> Unfortunately, most of GameStack's projects were for clients, so I don't
> have permission to share those. There's a silly little game included among
> the samples, but we're on the lookout for something more robust to show off
> with. At least one iPad game will be launching within the next week or two,
> so we'll add some good screenshots from that.
> The top question is likely to be: how is GameStack different from MonoGame?
> GameStack departs significantly from the XNA API; portability for existing
> apps wasn't a priority in our case. We desired a high degree of control
> over the API, feature set and pipeline, and we used real-world projects to
> help shape it. We don't currently have ambitions to support all the
> platforms that MonoGame does.
> I'm just dipping my toes in the water here, gauging community interest.
> Your thoughts are welcome!
> - Brett

William Ivanski

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