[Mono-list] SQLLite problem

Paul Johnson paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Thu Mar 14 16:33:36 UTC 2013


> My guess, there is an escape character or SQLite syntax issues in the
> previous field being supplied. The Siblings value may be the issue, but
> that is just a quick guess.

That was another thought. Replace(Environment.NewLine, "") didn't clear 
the issue. Here is an example of one of the records

<FirstName>Dovid Yosef</FirstName>
<Yeshiva1>Chaim Berlin    Lakewood East</Yeshiva1>
<Yeshiva2>Nachlas Moshe</Yeshiva2>
<Yeshiva3>Now In BMG</Yeshiva3>
<FathersJob>Shochet - Sofer</FathersJob>
<FathersShull>Bnei Yosef</FathersShull>
<Mechutanim>Sister - Azar - Rochester
Sister - Mordechai - Brooklyn
Sister - Ben Attar - Israel
Son - Dahan - Canada
Son - Kastika - Brooklyn</Mechutanim>
<References>R' Yaakov Bachrach: 914-879-6022
Eli Berman: 718-490-6606</References>

The replicationID GUID is taken as a string and converted to a GUID 
within the BoyRecords class with the Guid field set to [Ignore()]

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