[Mono-list] FW: Poor Mono performance

Andres G. Aragoneses knocte at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 21:48:31 UTC 2013

On 12/03/13 21:09, Nigel Delaney wrote:
> Apologies again to Imre for the bad advice before… As a quick check I
> ran the test using Mono 3.0.6  on my machine, the new results are:
> .NET 4.5 - .64 s
> Mono 3.0.6 -1.3 s
> Mono 3.0.6 + either optimize all or abcrem options - 1.1 sec.
> So definitely a lot faster with 3.0.6 and removing the array checks, but
> still much slower than .NET.  I doubt the GC matters much given how few
> objects are around, but will stop commenting on this as the day job
> beckons and I am out of quick ideas.  Glad to hear Unix/OSX is expected
> to be faster anyway though.

Hey Nigel, can you try the new gc like Rodrigo says? It would be using 
"mono-sgen" binary instead of "mono".

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