[Mono-list] cannot install 2.10 on centos 6

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Sat Jun 22 13:39:58 UTC 2013

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Whenever I've downloaded 2.10 source tarball, I've been able to build on centos with simply "./configure && make && sudo make install"

In response to Rodrigo's comment about 2.10 being no longer maintained, it seems, on the above link, it looks like the latest 2.10 release was Feb 2012.  Meanwhile, the latest 3.0 release is 4 days ago.  So yeah.  That's pretty solidly confirmed.

I do recommend downloading the source tarball rather than the github latest sources.  This is more repeatable, and you can keep the tarball sitting around in case you need to repeat on another system, and hopefully there is some level of testing that goes into releasing the tarball.

In other words, hopefully 3.0.12 tarball will compile for you, as simply as 2.10 did.  "./configure && make && sudo make install"

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