[Mono-list] MVC3 project on Mono 2.11.4 - problems

ickers at bigpond.com ickers at bigpond.com
Tue Oct 16 05:26:10 UTC 2012

> I see that the source code lives in the external/aspnetwebstack folder,but there is no corresponding folder in mcs/class, like there is for
> System.Web.Mvc3 and so forth.

> How would I go about getting this one final assembly compiled into my monorelease?


I built the required parts of external/aspnetwebstack myself:

$ xbuild System.Web.Helpers.csproj

However you will have to amend a number of the csproj files first before this will work - they contain project import references which use scripting functions that xbuild does not seem to support (could be wrong about this as I'm complete Mono noob).

eg. I've replaced line 3 of System.Web.Helpers.csproj with:

<Import Project="..\..\tools\WebStack.settings.targets" />

I also had to comment out the reference to System.Web.DataVisualization as this is not implemented by Mono. As a consequence, I also had to exclude the chart related parts of System.Web.Helpers as these depend on System.Web.DataVisualization.

Once all this is done, you should have a System.Web.Helpers.dll you can deploy to the bin folder of your MVC3 app.

As an alternative to the above I've seen it suggested (on the monodevelop-list) that you can download prebuilt assemblies from http://aspnetwebstack.codeplex.com. Haven't tried this myself though - they appear to be built for Microsoft's .NET implementation, not sure how the absent System.Web.DataVisualization will go down on Mono if you try and use these.

That said, once you've got all the assemblies this just allows you to progress to the next problem (which I have yet to solve) - getting "exception was thrown by the type initializer for Mono.WebServer.MonoWorkerRequest" when trying to use Apache to serve your MVC3 app (xsp4 works though).

Have fun!


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