[Mono-list] MVC3 project on Mono 2.11.4 - problems

Nicklas Overgaard nicklas at isharp.dk
Mon Oct 15 14:49:35 UTC 2012


Sorry if this question has been asked before on the list, but I've tried
searching though it, and couldn't find an answer.

I have compiled mono 2.11.4 on my archlinux and installed it. Likewise, I
have compiled monodevelop from master and installed it.

When I create a new "MCV3 project with razor and tests" I get the following
errors in the project:

"System.Web.WebPages is not available for mono / .net 4"
"System.Web.Helpers is not available for mono / .net 4"

Update the project to .net 4.5, and the WebPages one goes away. It's
actually similar to this Stackoverflow question (not posted by me):

I see that the source code lives in the external/aspnetwebstack folder, but
there is no corresponding folder in mcs/class, like there is for
System.Web.Mvc3 and so forth.

How would I go about getting this one final assembly compiled into my mono

Best regards
Nicklas Overgaard
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