[Mono-list] Failure building from git

Matt Calder mvcalder at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 13:42:50 UTC 2012

I am seeing errors building from git master. This is something I do
regularly so errors are unusual.

Here is the error that happens during the "make" phase:

  CCLD   libmono-2.0.la
  CCLD   libmonosgen-2.0.la
In function `clear_domain_process_object':
/home/calder/tmp/mono/mono/metadata/sgen-gc.c:969: undefined reference to
In function `mono_gc_clear_domain':
/home/calder/tmp/mono/mono/metadata/sgen-gc.c:1019: undefined reference to
/home/calder/tmp/mono/mono/metadata/sgen-gc.c:1020: undefined reference to

What follows are about 30 or so undefined reference errors around sgen. I
went back a few days and see the same. I can go back farther (will have to)
but maybe there is an easy fix?

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