[Mono-list] Run Visual Studio project on Linux and Mac

edward.harvey.mono edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Tue Dec 18 17:15:46 UTC 2012

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> I developed a big project in Visual Studio 2010 with .Net 4.0 Framework. My
> project has Devexpress-Tools and connects to Access database. Now my
> programm should run on Linux and Mac.
> I search for a good solution since two weeks, but I don't get on. I tried with
> Monodevelop, Mono-Tools for Visual Studio, Mono 2.4 profile, Mono 4.0
> profile. I get always errors which I can't solve.
> I know that I should replace Access database later.
> Is it generally possible to run a project with Devexpress tools on Linux and
> Mac?
> Have you perhaps a step-by-step instruction how can I run my project on
> other OS?

Generally speaking, you can copy your source code over to the other machine, and then build it with xbuild.  But for debugging, I find the mono-tools and mono-tools-server to be excellent.  You launch the mono-tools-server on mac/linux, and in Visual Studio, you click "Mono / Debug in Mono" and your code remotely executes on the other system, while debugging locally in visual studio.

You might have unrealistic expectations though.  You developed a big thing and didn't continually debug with mono while developing.  Mono and .Net are very very similar, but not exact.  If you don't debug during development, you certainly introduce areas of difference.  You have incurred technical debt, and now you have to pay your debt, debugging on mono, to get it to work.

Definitely upgrade the other systems to the latest version of mono.  Stuff I build won't even run on mono 2.4 which is the latest thing in rhel/centos.  Just because there were too many bugs in those days.  Fortunately, building the latest mono from scratch on that platform is a breeze...  And fortunately, fedora/mac/ubuntu all have recent versions.

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