[Mono-list] Run Visual Studio project on Linux and Mac

Lilia Krause krause at ems-data.com
Wed Dec 12 10:02:30 UTC 2012


I developed a big project in Visual Studio 2010 with .Net 4.0 Framework. My project has Devexpress-Tools and connects to Access database. Now my programm should run on Linux and Mac.
I search for a good solution since two weeks, but I don't get on. I tried with Monodevelop, Mono-Tools for Visual Studio, Mono 2.4 profile, Mono 4.0 profile. I get always errors which I can't solve.
I know that I should replace Access database later.
Is it generally possible to run a project with Devexpress tools on Linux and Mac?
Have you perhaps a step-by-step instruction how can I run my project on other OS?


Lilia Krause

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