[Mono-list] Advantages to Using Mono

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Jul 27 10:26:54 EDT 2011

On 25.07.2011 21:08, spamname5 wrote:
> ... We
> currently have a web farm consisting of linux servers running apache (and
> hosting some legacy products that can't get moved) and the shear cost of new
> hardware plus Microsoft license fees for those webservers is forcing us to
> search for another solution.   Here seemingly enters Mono.   Seems that mono

How old is the hardware of the web farm? What Linux version/distro
does it run?

> would be a great fit since we could use mono-tools assist in the development
> in VS2010, as well as using the VS2010 debugging tools and then deploy to
> our current apache server farm updated to run mod_mono.   There is a bit of
> hesitation however involved with some parties that mono will not provide the
> speed/reliability of a fully native windows solution.  Do people think
> running mono in this configuration would be reasonable close to running IIS
> when considering speed and reliability?

Yes, but it takes more attention and an experienced development
team, IMO. Sloppy programming (inducing GC pressure etc.) is
rather disadvantageous. Lack of unit and load tests is a no-go.
Using the latest and greatest APIs from Redmond isn't a good
idea, too.

Also, a load balancer able to fade out machines running amok
is indispensable.

>  In addition if we are using the
> mono tools migration analysis can we be pretty confident that deployment
> will be fairly free of compatibility issues?

No. MoMA is only able to detect APIs that (1) don't exist in
Mono, (2) are not implemented in Mono or (3) have know
issues under Mono. The latter usually does not include known
bugs. Only limitations like "always return false" and such.


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