[Mono-list] Advantages to Using Mono

Stapleton, Steven J.S. (James) stapleton.41 at osu.edu
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I wasn’t going to chime in, but with this comment, I’ll add what I’m doing.

Recently I was working on a web application framework in Python. I used mod_wsgi on the web server, and then sent requests to a back-end server (was python, switching to C#). This allowed me to have a few advantages.

1)      Performance – from what I’ve seen online, WSGI is about as fast as it gets for web modules.

2)      The back-end processing is dissociated from the web server so…

a.       I can (and am in the process of) change the technology basing the back end if needed

b.      The back end can run on multiple platforms

c.       Security – this is one more layer between your server and the back end of the application

d.      If the web and back end servers scale differently, I can manage appropriately.

Sadly, I’m only at the beginning of the migration process, or I’d let you use my code.

The disadvantage of this process (even if you use .NET on the web server instead of python) is that it will require some extra work to make your application server scaleable.

As another note, I’m familiar (and do/have program[med] professionally) Java, PHP and Perl, and none of those made it past the “no, thanks” stage. Python made it farther because I wanted a wider audience, and there are a lot of OSS zealots who won’t consider mono because they have delusions that it’s some kind of plot by MS to destroy the OSS community. I decided their interest in my project wasn’t worth having to deal with the mediocre IDEs that are part and parcel with a language that allows and promotes objects having members added/removed run-time.

-Jim Stapleton

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Feel like a bit of a downer here given the other responses, but I would like to give you fair warning:

MVC 3 support is new in 2.10, and it's buggy. Not hugely (sites run~) but you'll hit bugs, and not being able to debug the code on the server make tracking them down a huge hassle. Like someone else said, you'll want to build off the latest from github.

I can't strongly enough recommend building, deploying and running integration tests on _every commit_, you'll save yourself from rollback hell when you find a few days later that for some mysterious reason your database driver / IOC / whatever has stopped working suddenly.

I can't really recommend mono as a target for an MVC 3 app, given personal experience.

On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 3:08 AM, spamname5 <spamname5 at gmail.com<mailto:spamname5 at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hey All,

I'm trying to make a case for using Mono for a new project coming up and was
hoping that this list could help me with that decision.  The situation we
are in is that we have a smallish development team with extensive experience
working .net with visual studio 2010.  We would like to develop a new high
availability web application using jQuery and jQueryUI within a MVC
framework while utilizing the development tools in visual studios.  We
currently have a web farm consisting of linux servers running apache (and
hosting some legacy products that can't get moved) and the shear cost of new
hardware plus Microsoft license fees for those webservers is forcing us to
search for another solution.   Here seemingly enters Mono.   Seems that mono
would be a great fit since we could use mono-tools assist in the development
in VS2010, as well as using the VS2010 debugging tools and then deploy to
our current apache server farm updated to run mod_mono.   There is a bit of
hesitation however involved with some parties that mono will not provide the
speed/reliability of a fully native windows solution.  Do people think
running mono in this configuration would be reasonable close to running IIS
when considering speed and reliability?  In addition if we are using the
mono tools migration analysis can we be pretty confident that deployment
will be fairly free of compatibility issues?

Any thoughts?

Thanks for you assistance

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