[Mono-list] Advantages to Using Mono

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Jul 27 06:18:56 EDT 2011

On 27.07.2011 11:04, Matthew Winter wrote:
> I considered using Nginx
> as a reverse-proxy to xsp4 or something similar but the use of xsp4
> in production seems to be strongly advised against. Maybe this will
> be solved as other alternatives mature.

We're running XSP instances with an uptime of over 2 years.

XSP is as ready for production as mod_mono is, if you put a
web server in front of it, and if you can suffer < 10%
less throughput in some cases.

The only drawback (but for us it's rather an advantage, see
uptime): one must manage those instances separately as they
won't restart when the web server is recycled. Nor would they
restart if they crash, unless you take care of it, e.g. with
a 5 liner shell script.


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