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Matthew Winter wintermi at teratools.com
Wed Jul 27 05:04:34 EDT 2011

Hi Dale,

All of the sites are base on the latest release of SLES, running Mono 2.10.2 (latest patch release fixed a number of ASP.NET MVC3 issues, you may still need to pull a few patches from github, if you experience problems, but generally 2.10.2 worked for us). Apache and mod_mono was used for these installations. All development was done in Visual Studio 2010. As for ORM, NHibernate was the main choice, with PostgreSQL. I personally prefer to use a Micro ORM and my current choice would be PetaPoco, but I would not rule out using Dapper or Massive.

For a couple of my own websites I did try out using Ubuntu, Nginx and the FastCGI server, along with MongoDB. This worked well once you get over the Mono/Ubuntu compilation headaches, which I believe Xamarin are working on making simpler. If I had to choose between Apache and Nginx, I would prefer to use Nginx (Super fast and the memory footprint is very small, ideal for a VPS). I would however like to see a more performant solution than FastCGI. I considered using Nginx as a reverse-proxy to xsp4 or something similar but the use of xsp4 in production seems to be strongly advised against. Maybe this will be solved as other alternatives mature.

I finally ended up using AppHarbor, which for deployment has been an absolute joy. However this is on Windows so probably not the best place to mention it. ;-)


On 27/07/2011, at 6:06 AM, Dale E. Moore wrote:

> Hi Walter;
> Your words are very encouraging! What would be your suggested components? For development and live operation?
> OpenSUSE 11.4
> mono 2.10
> monodevelop 2.6
> sqlmetal with linq to sql
> PostgreSQL
> apache with mod_mono
> Or would you suggest different components/approach?
> I look forward to hearing from you,
> Dale

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